Avoid Falling For Moving Scams in Brooklyn With These Points

There are a lot of things you have to take care of when moving to a new place. And moving can be really stressful and tiring. Also, you have to take care of a lot of things in a move, and not falling for a scam is a part of it. When we talk about moving, the first thing that strikes our mind is hiring a moving company. But, this also opens up a way for scams, especially in a busy city like Brooklyn. It is advisable to hire a Brooklyn local moving company to avoid any hassle in your move.


This becomes more important when you are moving long distance. So, you have to hire a moving company for a long-distance move. Hence, increases the risk of scams. You must be very careful when hiring long distance movers Brooklyn NY. You don’t want to end up living a nightmare. To avoid falling for a scam, you must know certain things. This includes identifying moving scams, and how to avoid them.

How to Identify Moving Scams?

You can tell if the moving company is a fraud or not by paying attention to a few details.

Giving The Estimate Without Giving a Visit

A genuine company will always visit your house first and then give an in-house estimate. If a company tells you the estimation price over a phone call or via mail, you should never trust it. The companies estimate the cost of moving on the basis of your belongings’ weight and size. They also consider the mileage while giving an estimate. If a company gives an estimate over the phone, they will likely add some extra cost at last.

Incomplete Contract

It is very important for you to carefully read all the details on the contract. The contract must include everything that you two parties talked about. Don’t sign if the contract misses out even a single thing.

Change in the Company Name

A good company would always have a local address and have a piece of proper information about their license. Also, a genuine company has proper insurance.

Avoid Moving Scams With These Tips

It’s easier to avoid these scams when you know how to spot them. Remember these points to avoid scams.


Choosing a Reliable Company

A reputed company will always give you a good service and you will not become a victim of a scam. A company runs on its market value and it cares about its reputation to get more work. So, a reputed company will always thrive on giving its best service every time.

Trust References

Once you have shortlisted a company, start learning more about it. Do your research by going online and looking at their references. Look for old customers and talk to them about the service of the company.

Carefully Check The Legal Status

A genuine company has a local address, license, insurance, and a good reputation. You can look up to their website to see their USDOT numbers.

Work on Your Plan Now

So, you have found your moving company, now it’s time to book them. A good company is booked very early, so it’s better for you to book them in advance. You don’t want to hear a rejection because the company is not available on the day of your move.

The Checklist to Pack Efficiently and Quickly

Moving out may not be a thrilling experience for most of us. Packing the house is stressful and exhausting, and not many of us look forward to this experience. However, the good news is that there are ways in which you can make this process easy. All that you need to do is to get the checklist from a local moving company Brooklyn, NY that can offer you some logical and practical tips to pack your home quickly.

Local Moving Company in Brooklyn

Tips for Packing Efficiently

You may have hired a professional Brooklyn local moving company to move your belongings from your old to your new home. However, if you do some bit of packing yourself, then it can help to save much money. Anyone can throw their things in a box and slap it tightly with tape, but that does not solve the purpose. The local moving company Brooklyn, NY are professionals, and they charge you for the volume and the weight that you wish to move.

If you dump your belongings, then you end up consuming more space. Instead, take out time to pack efficiently, which will not just save on space but also make the movement organized. It will make it easy for you when you have to unpack your stuff in your new home. Here are tips that you can use for professional packing.

Brooklyn Movers

  • Decide on what you wish to take along with you and what you plan to leave behind. If you pack less, then you will spend less on the packing as well as on transportation. You will also save time by not wasting it in packing things that you do not need.
  • You will have to dedicate much time when you pack your home. People make a mistake of underestimating the time which ends up in a hurry and an unorganized way of packing. Start early to avoid any stress at the last moment.
  • It is impossible to pack your full house. So the best would be for you to pack your personal stuff and things that you can do yourself. You may want to leave out the more essential items to the Brooklyn local moving company to pack.

Make sure that you ask for the non-allowable list from the moving companies brooklyn. It will save time in packing things that your moving company does not agree to transport. These could be perishable food items, pets, corrosive substances, and other things that the moving company deems risky to transport.


No matter where you want to move or what moving you are looking at, the key is to start early. Have a priority list and enter it in your calendar. You should start packing well in advance and make sure that you meet your daily packing target. Pack a few boxes every day. Keep a room or a place in your house where you keep the stuff that you have packed. It will help to speed the process as your other rooms would be accessible and clutter-free.

Start with the room that is the toughest to pack and also start with items that you hardly use. Pack the daily essentials close to the moving date.

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Tip the Movers As An Act of Appreciation

Moving your home can be a daunting task, and this is especially true if you are moving to a faraway location. A professional moving company like the moving companies in Brooklyn NY make sure that the entire process from packing to moving is hassle-free and stress-free for you.

Moving companies Brooklyn are essential because if they do any job carelessly, then it could damage your precious belongings or if they pack the wrong items in your boxes, then you will have a hell of time unpacking the boxes in your new home.

So you now see why moving companies Brooklyn is essential for you and also why you need to appreciate them for the work that they do for you. To reward them for their hard work it is an excellent idea if you tip the movers of moving companies in Brooklyn, NY.

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How Much Should You Tip the Moving Company?

There is no specific percentage or a particular amount that you should tip a moving company. You can give them what you want. A rough percentage would be around 20% of your moving bill. However, it all depends on you. You may choose to give more or less than this amount.

Factors That You Should Consider When Tipping the Movers

  • The weather can be a big issue when you are moving homes. It is a hard job to move your items, and if the weather is equally bad, then you know that the job of the movers was not easy. If the weather outside was freezing or if it was raining outside, then you may want to consider this when showing your appreciation to the movers.
  • All homes are not the same, and this means that the strategies that the movers use are not similar for a one-bedroom and a four-bedroom apartment. Also, if you stay in a high rise flat or in a duplex home where the movers had to keep taking the stairs, then this is something that you should consider.
  • You may not have packed your belongings properly, and the movers did the extra job to make sure that they place the items in the boxes in the right manner for you.
  • They may have also worked extra time to make sure that they meet the short notice that you have given them. For anything that you want to appreciate them, you may consider the tipping amount accordingly.
  • The quality of service provided by the movers is also a determining factor of how much you should tip them. If they did a good job, then you could consider paying a higher tipping amount. Make sure that you tip each worker even if their job was a small one. Do not give money to a single person and tell him to distribute it as it could create chaos.

Apart from tipping if you were impressed by the services offered by the moving company and the professionalism of the movers then make sure that you give a good review on their online site.

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